ShaanguWon 2 Billion Yuan Contract from Trafigura Singapore

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During theCIIE, Shaanxi Department of Commerce hostedasigning ceremony of "Shaanxi Procurement and Investment Seminar". At the ceremony, Shaangu and Trafigura Singapore signed a project contract worth RMB 2 billionyuan, whichwasone of the highlights of the "Shaanxi Province Trading Group" in the CIIE.This cooperationadds ahighlightto the“huge picture”of Shaanxi’s deep integration into the co-construction of "One Belt and One Road", creation of a highland for inland reform and opening up, acceleration of the formation ofthechannels,trade and logistics hubs, andimportant industrial and cultural exchange basesaiming to Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia, andconstructionof a high-efficiency, low-cost and excellent-service international trade channel in inland areas.

Xu Datong, vice governor of Shaanxi Province and head of the Shaanxi trading delegation, attended theceremonyand delivered speech. Zhao Jing,directorof the Department of Commerce of Shaanxi Province, announced the procurement requirements of Shaanxi trading missions. Shaanxi trading missionscomposed of thedelegationsfrom morethan 1,800companiesand enterprises participatedintheceremony.Li Hong’ an, chairman of Shaangu, signed anagreement withEdward, the chief trader of Trafigura Singapore.

Chairman Li Hong’an thanked the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Provincial Department of Commerce for building the cooperation platform for Shaanxi enterprises attheCIIE. This is also another concrete practice for Shaanxi province to continue to expand opening-up and achieve high-quality economic development under the new developmentmodethatdomestic major circulationisas the main bodywhiledomesticandinternational double circulationspromoting each other. Chairman Li Hong’an said that, Shaangu, with the international thinking of “going out, going in, and going up”,wouldfocus on the goals and requirements set out in the 14th Five-Year Plan ofour country andShaanxi Province, andwouldstrive to build a global market system,aglobal R&D innovationsystem, aglobal supply chain innovation system,and aglobal financial innovation systemtopromote international capacity cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, Shaangu and the partnersmutuallybeing each other’s market and resources.

Trafigura was founded in 1993 and headquartered in Singapore. It is the world's second largest independent non-ferrous metal concentrate trading company and the world's third largest independent oil trading company.

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