World's Largest Axial Compressor - AV140 Successfully Trial Run in Shaangu

дата:2020-09-09   количество просмотров :

The super-large axial compressor unit AV140, innovatively developed by Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. has been successfully tested in the plant on September1st, each performance indexes of which has reached the international advanced level.

The compressor unit, independently developed by Shaangu, is widely used in many industry processes such ashigh altitude aero-engine test station, super-large blast furnace, catalytic cracking, large air separation, pharmacy, nitric acid, sulphuric acid,long-distancegas transportation ,compression energy storage, etc.. The operation performance of the compressor has reached to the advance level in the world, with flowrate of 20,000 -25,000 m³/min and pressure ratioof 8-9. Its innovatively new high-efficiency blade profile and hollow shaft ensures the more stable and efficient operation of the overall unit.

Shaangu Group, as the world's largest axial compressor and industrial process energy recovery power generation equipment manufacturer and service provider,by integrating the global resources, has established its scientific and technological brainpower and international resource innovation platform consisting of Shaangu Energy Power & Automation Engineering Research Institute,Shaangu Academician Expert Workstation, Post-doctoral Research Station, Shaangu Europe R&D Center,Shaangu Brno R&D Center and Shaangu Distributed Energy Technology and Equipment Innovation Center. At present, there are 6 technical achievement of Shaangu being awarded asNational Science and Technology Progress Award. Furthermore, Shaangu has won other national awards over 200.

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