The Second Industrial Equipment Internet Collaborative Innovation Design Competition (Shaangu Theme Competition) Launches

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Guided by China Innovative Design Industry Strategic Alliance, sponsored by China Machinery Enterprise Management Association,Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Talent Exchange Center of MIIT, Shaanxi Science and Technology Association and Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd.(herein after referred as Shaangu ), contracted by China Machinery Industry Interconnection Application Service Platform (CMAP), Energy Recovery Equipment Branch of CGMA and MD Information Technology, co-organized by Shaanxi Province Natural Gas Pipeline Supporting Industry Alliance, Shaanxi Three Waste Comprehensive Treatment and Resource Utilization Environmental Protection Industry Alliance, Xi 'an Lianchuang Distributed & Renewable Energy Research Institute Co. Ltd., Shaangu European Research & Development Co., Ltd., Journal of Industrial Instrumentation and Automation, Altair(Inspire), and Sinovation Ventures (AInnovation), and specially supported by Heli Forklift Co. Ltd., The Second Industrial Equipment Internet Collaborative Innovation Design Competition (Shaangu Special Competition Unit) kicks off in Hefei(the capital city of Anhui Province)on 20thSept. 2019. Officials from Shaanxi Provincial Government, Industry and Information Technology Department of Shaanxi Province, experts and scholars from Zhejiang University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Northwestern Polytechnical University, organizer and contestants of the first contest, honored guests invited by related company and association, representatives from Heli, Shaangu and MD, and prize-winners of first contest participates thelaunching ceremony.

The contest is themed with “Made with China Wisdom, and Shaangu Power Creation”. It is to, by using the technology of Internet +, gather many excellent design engineers, design professionals and corporate design teams to create an interconnecting platform of application and services in the manufacturing industry that advocates design technology, gathers design wisdom, innovate design methods and display design results, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the level of China's industrial equipment design and manufacturing.

Innovation is an effective way and concrete embodiment to achieve high-quality development. High-end equipment manufacturing, as an important symbol to measure the core competitiveness of national industry, is the backbone of China's manufacturing industry in the future. In recent years, with the rising up of Chinese equipment manufacturing from the middle and low end of the value chain to the high end, and the emergence of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, digital technologies such as Internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are showing a profound impact on the high-end intelligent development of equipment manufacturing. The integration of Internet + and collaborative innovation of industrial equipment design and manufacturing has become an effective path to push China's industrial equipment towards high-end and intelligent.

It is an innovation gala focusing on the high-end intelligent development of China's key equipment under the Internet + era. It is themed with the energy saving and environmental protection products and technology innovation in the field of distributed energy initiated by Shaangu Group, “one of the Pillars of a Great Power”. Centering on the improvement of Shaangu high-end equipment technology innovation, intelligent service and other capabilities, and highlighting the scientific and technological characteristics of industrial equipment, interconnection & collaboration and innovation design, it is an intelligent crowd funding that gathers the wisdom of professional teams in the field of industrial design and many social forces in China. It is also an open creative design contest.

Mr. Li Hong’an, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd. which is also the sponsor the contest, highlights in his speed that with the theme of Made with China Wisdom and Shaangu Power Creation, it aims to expedite the transformation from Made in China to Made with China Wisdom and China Creation through Shaangu Power Creation. In the past and nowadays, the distributed energy intelligent comprehensive utilization demonstration project of Shaangu has been awarded Top Ten Energy Internet Demonstration Projects, and the machine train BPRT World Manufacturing Congress Gold Award for Innovative Products. All these are the results of Shaangu's in-depth implementation of the national innovation-driven development strategy and its constant view of innovation as an inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development.

During recent years, with the culture innovation and forming an innovative culture of fault-tolerant and internal horse-racing mechanism, Shaangu is now able to compete with world first class players. With strategic innovation, the transformation from production orientation to service orientation has been realized, five major industries of equipment, engineering, service, operation and finance centering on distributed energy system solutions has been formed, making the company develops well and fast. With R&D innovation, internal and external crowd funding innovation platform has been built and annual R&D investment accounts for about 10% of the sales income, consolidating the core competitiveness of distributed energy system solutions. 20 million RMB is invested in global innovative wisdom crowd funding each year, through which the internal and external wisdom can be absorbed for the development of the company.

Mr. Li pointed out that there are three wishes for Shaangu to host such high-level meeting: discover innovative talents, solve the development problem of advance and intelligence of devices for distributed energy process industry, and explore innovation crowd funding, learn from experience, keep improving, and jointly promote the smart and green development of Chinese equipment. He would like to see more and more talents joining in Shaangu and wish the contest a complete success.

After the opening ceremony, an industrial design Internet application innovation forum was also been held. Representatives including experts of mechanical industry interconnection application service platform, deputy secretary general of China mechanical enterprises association, board chairman of MD information technology, general manager of Altair great China region, executive vice president of China Society of Mechanical Engineering, executive vice president of China innovative design industry strategic alliance, Director of China good design organizing committee respectively delivered speeches like “Internet Application Technology Tools Service Industrial Design”, “Simulation Technology Realizes Industrial Design Innovation and Interconnection”, and “vigorously develop innovative design and build a strong manufacturing country”, etc., shared the insights on design innovation.

Related Links:The duration of the contest will be 7 months starting from 20th Sept. 2019 to 25th April 2020. The registration channel of the contest has been officially opened. You can enter the registration channel through the QR code or the website.

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