Air Separation Unit ofShaangu Indonesia EPC Project first commissioning successful

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At 8:20 am local time on September 20, Indonesia, with the success of the first commissioning of air separation unit in Shaangu Indonesia EPC Project, under the guidance of “The Belt and Road” initiative, Shanngu’s “go out” pace will be more firm.

Wherever the business is, the organization will be there; wherever the organization is, our people will be there. The Indonesia EPC project is the key project of “go out” development and overseas layout of Shaangu. In order to ensure the successful progress of the project, Shaangu established a temporary Party cell on the project site to overcome difficulties and play a vital role in the progress of the project. Since the construction begun in August 2018, the members of the Party cell fully demonstrated their exemplary role in overcoming difficulties, such as the harsh natural environment, shortage of resources and tight schedule, and made every effort to ensure the construction progress of the project. After more than 300 days of unremitting efforts, the equipment finally succeeded in the first commissioning!

As the overseas key project of Shaangu, in order to ensure the smooth implementation and delivery on schedule, Shaangu will further implement the requirements of “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind” theme, will give full play to the political leading role of the Party building brand -“the redder the Party flag is, the stronger Shaangu is”, go all out to construct the project, hand over a satisfied answer for the user.

President Xi Jinping has stated that China will adopt a series of major reform and opening-up measures to promote a higher level of opening-up. This year is the 70thanniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Through 70 years of hard work, based on the national conditions, Chinese people have explored the way forward in practice and developed a socialist road with Chinese characteristics. “The Belt and Road” has opened up a new world for Chinese development.

At a new historical starting point, China will continue to stride forward along the socialist road with Chinese characteristics. In the future, Shaangu will seize the historic opportunity of “The Belt and Road”, uphold the principle of co-creation and sharing, and accelerate the pace of “go out”. Shaangu will share the new technology, new achievements and new products with the world, let the distributed energy system solutions and services of Shaangu blossom around the world, and promote “The Belt and Road” to develop in the direction of high quality.

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