Shaangu celebrating 70th birthday of P. R. China with several honors

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2019 is a glory year for Chinese people of all ethnic groups to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. As one of the key industries in China, energy sector prepares a birthday gift to the great motherland by summarizing the development of energy industry over the past 70 years via the famous press - the China Energy Newspaper of People's Daily. Also a number of typical figures and benchmarking models who have made great contributions to the development of the energy industry are selected to further carry forward the spirit of models, to let others feel the power of the models and finally to concentrate the developing power.

The third (2019) China Energy Industry Annual Meeting and the First Energy Culture Festival was held in Beijing from September 18 to 20. The subject for this activity is “eulogize the past 70 years and forward the new times”. Mr. Fang Jiang-shan, deputy chief editor of the People's Daily, Mr.Zhang Yu-qing, deputy director of the National Energy Bureau, Mr.Pu Hong-jiu, former vice-minister of the Ministry of Coal Industry, Mr. Lu Youmei, former deputy director of the Water and Power Department, Mr. Du Xiang-wan, Chinese academician of Academy of Engineering and Mr. Wang Ji-ming, Chinese academician of Academy of Engineering & former president of China petroleum and Chemical co., LTD., and related ministers and experts attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Mr. Li-Hong-an, president of Shaangu Group was lastly chosen among 300 candidates as one of 70 honorable figures for his great contributions to energy industry. Mr. Li and other famous entrepreneurs including Mr. Dai Hou-liang, president of Sinopec Corp, Mr. He Yu, president of China General Nuclear Power Group, Mr. Shu Yin-biao, president of China Huaneng Group, Mr. Zou Lei, president of Dongfang Electric Corporation, Mr. Wang Jian-ping, president of Energy China Group, Mr. Yan Zhi-yong, president of Power China Group, Mr. Yang Zhao-qian, president of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group, Mr. Li Xi-yong, president of Yankuang Group and Mr. Tong Ya-hui, president of Zhejing Energy Group were jointly awarded as “Leading State-Owned Company Entrepreneur”.

Nowadays, human has entered into the Internet age in all-around way, lots of new things such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and clean energy are emerging into various fields of traditional industries. Under such a background condition, Shaangu explored a new field for the energy recovery business with the aid of the Internet. Distributed energy symbiosis system is an integrated energy utilization demonstration project. The project aims at an industrial garden (or even a city), with full consideration of the supply, consumption and conversion of renewable energies (including solar, biomass, geothermal heat, water and wind), clean energy (natural gas for example) and traditional energies (mainly industrial waste heat), to use these energies efficiently with reasonable deployment, multi-energy complementary and stepped utilization, finally resulting in interchangeable energy conversion, overall balancing and less consumption and emission. By now, Shaangu has applied the symbiosis system into 10 air separation plants, 5 sewage treatment factories and 2 power plants all of which are operated by Shaangu itself. Besides this, Shaangu distributed energy system solution and service has been widely recognized by many fields like process industry, smart city and One Belt and Road overseas market.

Since the 18th CPC national congress, China has made remarkable achievements in the energy sector. Especially in 2014, Chairman Xi Jin-ping put forward a "four revolution, one cooperation" energy strategy. Since then, the energy industry has done the utmost to closely focus on building a low-carbon, safe, efficient and modern energy system, vigorously promote energy change and transformation, and improve the capability in technology innovation and technical level of equipment manufacturing. Consequently a large number of new technologies, new business modes and new commercial activities involved with energy revolution and transformation, have come out. "Originating from manufacturing, beyond manufacturing" is a true portrayal of Shaangu business transformation, upgrading and high-quality development.

Through bravely making exploration and innovation in its businesses Shaangu has made success in the business transformation and upgrading by taking advantage of the first-rate technical force and manufacturing abilities. Shaangu is now playing an important role in the green energy filed and steadily striding forward a world famous intelligent green energy enterprise, lastly becoming a pilot among its peers. In the future, Shaangu will insist in taking innovation as a guide and reform as a driving force. Shaangu will strive to build a world-class intelligent green energy enterprise and to continuously keep forward on the high-quality development road in confidence.

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