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First-Class Distributed Energy Resource Sharing Platform for Win-Win Development

On April 16, the 2nd Distributed Energy Industry Collaboration Forum & 2019 Resource Collaboration Network Conference was hold at Shaangu Lintong manufacturing plant. Over 91 partners including Shaanxi Communications Administration, Emerson Process Control Company, Jingdong Logistics, Shell (China), Schneider Electric (China), China Citic Bank Xi’an Branch etc. presented the conference and shared their experiences for grasping the future high-quality development of the industry. Through this conference, the upgrading cooperation among different parties in aspects of procurement, technologies and commercial affairs will be further promoted.

Since establishment of the resource collaboration network, by resources sharing and ecological interconnection of each partner, the strategic cooperation of the superior industrial resources has been promoted, new markets of distributed energy field has been developed, and several system solutions for the industry upgrading and re-organization have been developed. At the conference, several partners was rewarded honors for their outstanding contribution in the resource collaboration network. In addition, Shaangu has signed the deepening cooperation agreement with partners.

In order to improve the efficiency and the covering range of the resource collaboration network, Shaangu, under the help of professional IT team, and based on the relation model of the resource collaboration network, has built a network platform as the new operation carrier – “Leders”. The platform, gathers resources and experiences of traditional industries, internet technologies and operation concept, can provide multi-fields one-stop supply chain solutions including B2B trade, logistics storage, supply chain finance, R&D crowdsourcing, industrial service and so on.

Mr. Li Hong’an, Chairman of the board and Mr. Li Kaixiong, deputy general manager of Shaangu Group, together with Mr. Li Lindong, deputy director of communications administration of Shaanxi Province and Mr. Sun Guiyu, general manager of northwest area of Jing Dong logistics, holds the sand cup together, opens the Leders platform release countdown. With the witness of all the guests on site, the words of Leders emerges while the sands washes away. The blue color is said to be the symbol of future and sublime.That is why the logo of Leders takes this color, showing that the Leders is going to be a platform of collaboration, sharing and win-win. Shaangu Group will, together with all partners, intensify the construction and accelerate the pace of platform development, provide high-efficient and all around system solutions for all participates of the platform, and realize the cost-reduction and efficiency increasing through constant pattern innovation for all parties, achieving connectivity and mutual benefit of all participates while establishing a green ecological platform servicing the distributed energy market.

In conclusion, Chairman Li Hong’an first expresses his gratitude to all members for their long-term support and care and states the achievements of Shaangu over the market of distributed energy. The test by the gas shortage in 2017, the actual reduction of energy consumption per ten thousand yuan of output value in 2018 and result of market promotion for three years proves that the Shaangu distributed energy solutions are the ideal and correct solution for the energy security and ecological environment. Strategically focusing on the distributed energy market is a correct, sustainable and high-end route of development. Again, Chairman Li stresses that distributed energy market has broad prospects, many opportunities and good resources, he also appeals that all parties can pool the wisdom and strength to build a distributed energy cooperation and sharing platform, and improve and enrich the connotation of the platform in practice, so as to achieve rapid development and win-win situation.