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Shaangu Group and Shaangu Power Listed as ”Honest and Trustworthy Enterprise in Xi’an”

In order to foster and build the brand of "Honest and Trustworthy Enterprise in Xi’an" with local characteristics and to launch a group of enterprise and entrepreneur models that have made contribution to Xi’an’s economic development and reflected the new era’s good spirit, the Municipal Credit Office, the Municipal Civilization Office, and the People's Bank of China initiated the first “Honest and Trustworthy Enterprise in Xi’an” selection activity in Xi'an. After the processes of declaration and review, Shaangu Group was selected as the outstanding enterprise of first “Honest and Trustworthy Enterprise in Xi’an”, and Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd.was selected as the model enterprise.

Shaangu has been taking the culture of honesty & trustworthiness as the foundation of the integrity of company. Shaangu regards the “morality” as the first quality of employee and establishes credit files covering all employees and acting on personal bonuses, promotion, competition and other aspects. In terms of market and customers, Shaangu has carried out the lean production & manufacturing from prototype manufacturing to commissioning and launch to the market. In addition, "quality of zero-defect", "smash of defective products" and "famous brand plan" are also executed in Shaangu, ensuring the integrity to the market and customers in practices. At the same time, Shaangu operates in line with the law and pay taxes in good faith. Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd. has won the title of “A-level taxpayer in Shaanxi Province” for 16 consecutive years.

As a state-owned enterprise with responsibility, Shaangu also fulfills its social responsibility in good faith, helps the poverty-stricken village in an all-around way, from sending ”milk” to sending “dairy cow” with feelings, responsibility, investment and sincerity, wining a good market reputation and brand value. From the beginning of this year, Shaangu has achieved breakthroughs in the market such as equipment engineering project of Baosteel's Zhanjiang three-blast-furnace and the single machine project of largest capacity of maleic anhydride under construction worldwide. Meanwhile, Qinghai Shaangu Energy Co., Ltd., invested and built by Shaangu, has provided clean electricity and heat to users; the energy interconnection island contracts with Shaanxi Baohua Automobile and Hande Axle, which aims to help customers solvethe problems that restrict the green development of industrial parks. For the 10 gas projects invested and operated by Shaangu, the total capacity of oxygen production has reached 560,000 Nm3/ h, reducing operating costs and creating value for customers.