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Shaangu System Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry Debut in 2019 International LNG Industry technical Forum & Equipments Expo

On April 12, “2019 International LNG Industry Technical Forum & Equipments Expo”, sponsored by Shaanxi Gas Design Institute, was opened at Xi’an Greenland Pico International Convention & Exhibition Center. Shaangu advanced technologies and system solutions for oil & gas field debuted at the exhibition.

In the Expo, combined display methods of display boards, video, models and interactive interface” showing its technologies, equipments and system solutions dedicated for the oil & gas industry attracted many customers and visitors for attention and consultation.

In recent years, Shaangu has acquired world advanced centrifugal compressor technologies and established “professional & integral” system solution capabilities, and made several technical achievements in the full LNG industry chain, including the on-skid technology of LNG refrigeration compressor, pipeline compressor technology and so on. Shaangu’s engineering technology and system integration technology of gas turbine-driven and high-speed motor-driven pipeline compressor units have realized new leap-forward development, reaching world first-class level. Shaangu is making significant and sustainable contributions to the major national projects like the West-to-East Gas Transmission and Gas interconnection infrastructure construction by providing reliable and powerful “Chinese Hearts”. By so doing, Shaangu is promoting the green and high-quality development of the state LNG industry.